9 Ways to Make the 13th Fest the Best!

If you’re gonna do it, do it right. Here are 9 hacks, tips, and tricks that you need to know to make the 13th TCFF the best week of your summer!

1. Stand by me (when you’re sold out)

Stand by lines are our way of giving you access to sold out films at the festival—you never know when a ticket holder will miss their show because they were caught up in traffic (probably didn’t use the TCFF Bike Share—see Hack 7), and we want to fill those seats! Also, if you purchase a festival voucher you get priority in the standby line. Vouchers are the same price as tickets and are redeemable at any general admission show, and they are good through the 2018 festival! Find more info on ticketing and vouchers here.

2. Friends with benefits

Much like a mob boss, we take care of our Friends. Little favors here and there like  the chance to purchase festival tickets an entire WEEK before the festival, two FREE tickets to each of the Friends Only screenings, and discounted festival party tickets. Plus, if you sign up for a Friends membership before July 30th at noon, you’ll be entered to win some prizes worthy of Marlin Brando, including a pass to next year’s festival. Find out more about how you can get in with the festival’s closest Friends here.

3. Have a drink with directors

Ever want to sip a scotch with a famous filmmaker? Movies on Tap gives us common folk the opportunity to mingle and chat up close and personal with the people who make the magic happen at nightly afterparties without the festival party ticket price. Movies on Tap also gives you the chance to try out a different local bar every night, each offering unique food and flair for all filmgoers. Find out where the hotspots of TC will be each night of the festival here.

4. Like drinking with directors, but with less drinking and more learning

Why go to five different movies to hear from five different directors when you can do it in one fell swoop for FREE? Our first come, first serve panels offer the chance to hear filmmakers and guests talk about everything from making a comedy to using movies as a conduit of change. And things can get pretty loose lipped, because what happens in TC, stays in TC. New this year: panels are rotating between venues, so be sure to check where they’ll be here.

5. Twice the show, none of the price

At the Open Space we like to give you more party than you know what to do with. Not only can you see great movies for FREE under the summer stars, but if you get there early (and we recommend that you do, to get the patch of grass with the best view) you can catch some of the incredible musicians that perform before each film! There’s also a themed photo booth, which is pretty rad. And concessions from a great selection of local vendors. Find a full listing of Open Space films here.

6. Get comfy!

Speaking of the Open Space, we recommend you do not try to be one with nature, as nature frequently disappoints. Bring a blanket you don’t mind getting a little grassy or a comfy, soccer mom-esque lawn chair, with cup holders if you’re feeling fancy or if you want a place to store your can’t-get-at-any-other-venue float made with Moomer’s ice cream! Get your snack on with food from other local vendors as well.


7. Like Uber but you burn calories?!?!

This year we’re partnering with Norte! Youth Cycling to bring our very own addition to the transportation-sharing fad that Lyft and Uber have perfected. Forget festival traffic—hop on one of the TCFF Bike Share bikes, donated by generous festival supporters, at any of our venues and ride them to your next film, and then leave it for someone else to use. It’s TC’s own Citibike, and it’s here to make your festival experience easy, active, and stress-free. Learn more about the Bike Share here.

8. The bees knees of FREE movies

Blow all your money on tickets but still don’t have enough to satisfy that unquenchable thirst for films? Our Buzz Movies are FREE as a bee, sweet as honey, and so good that movie lovers positively SWARM to them. Puns aside, these movies really are all the buzz. This year our Buzz Movies are on the move, so make sure you know all the showings and locations, found here. #savethebees

9. Like Baby Driver but without the near-death experience

Do TCFF in style with your own personal chauffeur service, courtesy of BATA. Our stretch limos may look more like buses, but don’t be fooled—you can feel completely classy in the FREE, air-conditioned shuttles that loop around to every festival venue, departing every 10-15 minutes. Leave your car and your stress behind and hop on the festival shuttle! More info on the route can be found here.