New! MSU Kids Camps at TCFF

Michigan State University has a new exciting lineup of 2-day kids camps running during the festival! Enjoy some just great movies while your kids have fun and learn about the exciting world of filmmaking and game design. These two-day sessions are geared towards youth ages 12-16 and will run Thursday & Friday during the festival. Students in each camp will have the opportunity to create their own short films and digital games from scratch! Read more about these exciting offerings below.

Michigan State University Kids Camps 

Filmmaker Camp
What goes into making a movie? Throughout this session students will analyze the many different components that create a compelling film including storyline, acting, directing, camera, sound, and editing. In addition, specialized workshops in writing, acting, sound, and cinematography will inspire them to take their films to the next level. This two-day session will conclude with a short film created entirely by participants!

Instructors: Pete Johnston and Kirk Mason

Game Designer Camp
Throughout this session, students will explore the basics of digital game design and development. Topics covered include prototyping, playtesting, and balancing. Students will also learn about the process, tasks, and roles that come with game development while creating their very own digital game. This session will also give participants the chance to play and analyze current popular video games.

Instructors: Luke Kane and Jeremy Bond

Find more information on Kids Camps and other MSU activities at this year’s festival here.