$1 | Kids Fest Movies
$5 | Film School Classes
$15 | General Admission Tickets to Regular Movies
$18 | Food on Film Series
$20 | Special Screenings and Events
$25 | Opening Night at the City Opera House, Centerpiece and Closing Night Films
$50 | Opening Night Gala at the State
$50 | Opening Night Party (discounts for friends of the Film Festival)
$50 | Filmmaker Party (discounts for friends of the Film Festival)

Student Voucher Program

Love film? In school? The TCFF wants to invite you to enjoy our slate of Just Great Movies. Launching in 2018, we’re offering high school and college students of all areas of study and backgrounds the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty, wonder, and enrichment of the cinematic arts. If you are currently enrolled in high school or college, simply fill out the form to apply!

Accepted student applicants will receive 10 free film vouchers each and are good for any regular admission film or film school class. 2020 Vouchers may be picked up starting Monday, July 27 and can be used to obtain tickets to available films or used in the standby line. Student vouchers are NON-TRANSFERABLE and have no cash value. 2020 Application deadline is Friday, July 10, and students will be notified shortly thereafter if accepted.

Standby Lines

Nothing is ever sold out at TCFF! If a show is listed as “Stand By Line Only,” a standby ticket line will form one hour before the screening. So even if you hear that a show is sold out, our experience tells us that seats will open up. Patrons with vouchers go to the front of the standby line for our general admission shows. You do not need a voucher to stand in the standby line. Anyone can purchase a voucher for $15 — the same price as a ticket. Plus, vouchers don’t expire until the end of the next year’s festival! Patrons with vouchers help us load the theater and get the show started faster.

Ticket Swap

NEED TO SWAP A TICKET? No worries! Use our Facebook group to talk with other moviegoers about swapping, buying, or exchanging tickets. This forum is meant for communication between individuals only and has no association with the official TCFF Box Office.

Please do not call the TCFF Box Office or the TCFF Main Office regarding ticket swapping.


Vouchers cost $15 and are good for any regularly priced movie at the TCFF!

Voucher holders can present their voucher at a box office and exchange it for a ticket to any regularly priced film, if that film has available tickets. They also can get in the standby line for a show without any available tickets, and wait to see if seats become available.

Voucher holders go to the front of the standby line. You do not need a voucher to stand in the standby line.

When voucher holders are at the front of the standby line, we all benefit, because we can then load in the standby line much faster. We simply take the voucher and the voucher holder goes on into the theater – no credit card transaction or making change necessary!

Vouchers do not expire at the end of the festival, they are good for two years. Vouchers purchased at the 2019 festival will be honored in 2020, and vouchers purchased in 2020 will be honored through 2021. Unused tickets cannot be traded in for vouchers – the festival observes a strict no refund, no exchange policy. But anyone may purchase a voucher at any time.