2023 Traverse City Film Festival

Thank you for stopping by!  News about where we are with the Traverse City Film Festival 2023 coming shortly! Thanks for your patience!


Hey Covid-19: Don’t Think We’re Going to Forget About This

TCFF 2019: Social Distancing Edition

We Need Your Input! Streaming vs Theatrical Survey

TCFF & Chill: Winter Break Edition

Reasons to Become a TCFF Friend As Told By the Cast of Friends!

Membership rates for our fantastic Friends of the Film Festival increase on September 1! So we’ve brought together some Friends to share just a few of the reason you shouldn’t delay in signing up or renewing!

Be Smart!

Being a friend is the savvy way to experience the festival. It gives you the inside track on festival happenings and you’ll get to purchase your tickets before the general public!

No Need to Fight

By getting your tickets a week ahead of the public, you won’t have to fight your way to get tickets to the movies and events you want to see.

YOU Make Great Things Happen for the Festival and Community

From supporting our wonderful free community offerings like the Open Space to the TCFF Student U program and beyond, the Friends of the Film Festival make this event so much more than Just Great Movies!

No, Seriously!

We couldn’t bring the over 150 filmmakers and industry guests who attend the festival without the foundational support of our Friends of the Festival!

Great Benefits!

Besides that good feeling of making great things happen for the festival, your neighbors, and the art of film, there are other perks too!

Exclusive Screenings

You will receive two tickets to each of our annual FRIENDS ONLY SCREENING PARTIES — two of the festival’s best films you won’t see anywhere else!


At this exclusive day of movies we treat you to drinks, popcorn, and even…CAKE!!!!

Party Time, Excellent

Friends also receive a ticket to either the Opening Night or Closing Night Party for HALF OFF! Cheers!


It’s a Breeze to Sign Up or Renew

We’ve made it easy to sign up or renew online. Just click here.


For supporting filmmakers and film lovers from the world over who come to Traverse City to enjoy our celebration of cinema.


Meet Our Photo Team!

Claymation Workshop Reels!

2019 TCFF Montage

And just like that, our 15th year of “Just Great Movies” has come to a close! While the days pass by quickly, the memories will stay forever. Along with welcoming celebrities such as Lily Tomlin and Kathy Griffin into our TCFF fold, we also featured a world premiere film from local director Jeff Gibbs, ate and danced until the sun went down, met so many friendly faces, and so much more. Enjoy this montage film made by some of our videography volunteers that highlights a handful of our favorite moments from throughout the week. Special thanks to our volunteers and sponsors who make this amazing event possible each year!

TCFF Montage 2019 from Traverse City Film Festival on Vimeo.