Bike Friendly Town

Traverse City has ample bike parking that is conveniently located around Downtown Traverse City. Our bike friendly city continues to improve its trails and bike lanes. Bike racks are located on sidewalks in various locations throughout Downtown Traverse City,  in the Larry C. Hardy and Old Town Parking Decks and at each festival venue.

Norte! Bike Options

20170057885_aa768ef92c_oNorte! will provide exciting new bike options to come. 

Smart Commute

TCFF encourages you to Smart Commute straight to your movie seat! Vehicle parking at the Smart Lots is free! Donated bike racks are available at all film festival venues. Thanks for choosing to Smart Commute!

smart commute map2014

Park and Ride the Festival Loop

Updated 2017 Shuttle Map with Stops at Kirkbride Hall and Central High School Coming Soon!

The festival offers a free shuttle to all of our venues Wednesday-Sunday from 7 am until the last filmgoers and volunteers are returned to their cars. Please park on the east side of town at the NMC Cherry Lot, near Milliken Auditorium, or the west side of town in the Thirlby Field Lot, where buses will stop every 10 to 15 minutes to pick you up and take you around the Festival Loop. Parking at the east side or west side lots is easy! From there, you can take the Free Festival Loop Shuttle while you park all day and night without worry or cost. The Loop stops at each movie theater, the free festival parking lots, The Woz, and the Larry C. Hardy Parking Deck and Old Town Parking Deck downtown. It’s free, green, and easy!


For more information on the festival shuttle, check out the detailed map.

STORE YOUR CAR:  FREE parking is available all day and night on the east side of town at NMC’s Cherry Lot (near Milliken Auditorium) or on the west side in the Thirlby Field lot off 14th and Pine. Parking is also available in two downtown parking decks (Larry C. Hardy Parking Deck and Old Town Parking Deck) where you can drop off your car and hop on the FREE BATA Festival Loop Shuttle.

RIDE THE LOOP:  Free, wheelchair accessible BATA Festival Loop shuttles stop every 10 to 15 minutes near all festival venues Wednesday through Sunday from 7 am until the last filmgoers and volunteers are returned to their vehicles after midnight. Our Answer Squad volunteers ride along to answer questions on the way!

LARS HOCKSTAD & THE BUZZ PARKING:  When attending movies at Lars Hockstad Auditorium and The Buzz, or when heading to Kids Fest in the morning, please bike, walk, or use Thirlby Field or the Old Town Parking Deck rather than parking on the street. And please exit quietly after nighttime shows at Lars and The Buzz. Help us be good neighbors!