TCFF XII Dailies

Our Saturday Daily features Linda Price (TCFF Operations Manager for our first 11 years), “Small Talk” director Hilary Fitzgerald, filmmaker and TCFF moderator Rebecca Reynolds, “Equal Means Equal” director Kamala Lopez, and IndieWire’s Anne Thompson discussing the unique challenges female filmmakers face.

View yesterday’s historic panel at:

Our Friday Daily features the 100th Birthday of The State Theatre and information about balloting for the TCFF Audience Awards.

Speaking of Awards, tune in Live on Facebook tomorrow (Sat, July 30) at 9:30 PM for our broadcast of the 2016 Traverse City Film Festival awards ceremony from the Filmmakers Party.

Today’s TCFF Daily features some free & fun things to do at the Traverse City Film Festival including Kid’s Fest, The Woz, great music, and the nightly movies at the Open Space.

Our first TCFF Daily of 2016 features longtime festival volunteer Alan Collard and the story behind the new TCFF Walk of Fame and tips from TCFF intern Kendall Kotcher on getting tickets to movies including the new Traverse City Film Festival Ticket Swap Group and the mechanics of ticket vouchers and the standby line. There’s even an appearance by Michigan State University mascot Sparty!!

Speaking of Sparty, be sure to tune in today at 6 PM when TCFF goes LIVE on Facebook from the free party at the Woz – a VR playground that’s a partnership between MSU & TCFF.

2016 TCFF Dailies Team
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Bobby Blaisdell
Morgan Burke-Beyers
Duke Garlin
Lane Lubell
Andrew McFarlane
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Brody Steele
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