Experience the future of storytelling hands-on in our free interactive venue, The Woz at Hotel Indigo. We’ve partnered with our sponsor, Michigan State University, to bring you a showcase of transmedia projects that go beyond traditional screens, to the place where film and technology intersect, and you are part of the story.

Wednesday-Saturday: 12 noon-8 pm
Sunday: 12 noon-3 pm


Come one, come all to The Woz Party on Wednesday night at 6 pm. It’s FREE—gallery opening- style—with apps, ‘zerts, and a cash bar. Be one of the first to check out this year’s gaming and Virtual Reality experiences. The only rules? Tell your friends to visit us later in the week, and share your Woz experiences: #tcffwoz.


Once again this year, we present a range of imaginative and new MSU-created video games, the mainstay of interactive entertainment. Controllers aren’t necessary for “Spartio”—just stretch your arms, rotate your body, and clap your hands as you help Sparty avoid falling platforms, navigate past laser beams, and leap across giant pits. Up to three players can work together to guide Sparty to victory. Then enjoy “Plunder Panic,” a swashbuckling, multiplayer arcade game where two rival crews battle for supremacy on the high seas.


MSU’s “Rogues Like Us” combines hack ‘n’ slash combat and rogue-like dungeon crawling into a fast-paced adventure full of monsters, mayhem, and endless loot. Adventure through procedural dungeons, fighting enemy constructs and powerful bosses in an attempt to survive and find the riches within. Mysteries will be uncovered and treasures will be discovered in this rough and rugged city built atop the ruins of an ancient civilization. Developed by MSU’s Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab.


Take your sommelier skills to the next level by immersing yourself in this HTC Vive experience that allows would-be winos to explore a virtual vineyard and participate in a number of interactive simulations. Prune grape vines and watch how they grow over time in different conditions. Using the latest in virtual reality technology, “Virtual Vineyard” is a riveting crash course in the wine-growing process. And since it’s virtual, you don’t even need to be of drinking age to participate!