Films for All

Whether you’re a music fanatic, a social activist, or just nostalgic for the 90s, there’s something for everyone at the 13th Traverse City Film Festival. We’ve created some groupings below to help you tailor your schedule and pick that one great movie that just might change you.

90’s Nostalgia

We’re throwing it back to the 90’s with a few of our old favorites, and some exciting newcomers. Catch up with your favorite childhood hero Bill Nye the Science Guy, laugh along with the ladies of “Landline,” and see a historical take on the LA Riots from a new perspective.

Movies for Music Maniacs

From starry-eyed show tunes to the Grateful Dead, these films cover a wide range of genres that are sure to make you want to sing and dance along.

Comedic Genius 

Serious movies got you feeling down? Want to laugh and feel good? Come to these funny films, and you’ll leave feeling light-hearted and happy.

Films for World Travelers

Satisfy your wanderlust without leaving your chair. These breathtaking films show you the world in a way you’ve never seen before, exploring cultural diversity, astounding scenery, and food from across the globe.

Females are Strong as Hell

The future is female, and we couldn’t agree more. Watch as these strong, independent, ass-kicking women take on the world in everything from step dancing to campaigning for mayor.

Films for the Environmental Activist

Explore land and sea from the perspective of farmers, scientists, and everyday people. While viewing these movies safe from the elements, you’ll gain a new appreciation for our shared homeland: the Earth.  

Human Health

Health as a science and an industry develops faster than almost every other field of study. Learn about diseases plaguing the population as well as the use of medical advances to push our human limits.

American Stories

America is a melting pot with a social fabric comprised of vastly different cultures and stories. Explore new American perspectives in these films which take you across our country, from Philly to Standing Rock.

Drones and Robots and Science, Oh My!

It’s a Brave New World with gadgets and gizmos galore. Technology  and 21st century breakthroughs are the common themes in these movies.

Films for History Buffs

Brush up on your history with these dramatic reenactments of past events, period pieces, and historical docs.

Movies in Michigan

The great state of Michigan has a lot to offer, including these films that were either made by Michiganders or focus on Michiganian themes.