TCFF 2013: Day 2 – Killer Whales, Bordeaux, Whistleblowers and ‘The Girl on the Train’

The Girl on the Train

Henry Ian Cusick and Nicki Aycox of “The Girl on the Train,” produced by local filmmakers Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter | 8180 Films

Today’s journey through cinematic awesomeness took me from the vineyards of France (and China) to the horrors of theme park whales to a movie about a life-changing train ride. Let’s take a look.

I started off the day with The Girl on the Train,” directed by TCFF regular Larry Brand and produced by Leland residents Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter.

I must stop here and explain that Rebecca is my “real friend.” We met for coffee recently and I couldn’t contain my excitement at meeting someone in person, face-to-face, talking like real people used to talk rather than online, which is where so much of my life is these days. So now whenever I see Rebecca, we’re all like, “Hey, it’s my real friend!” Read more