TCFF 2013: Day 5 – ‘Pandora’s Promise’ and ‘We’re the Millers’

Robert Stone

Robert Stone at a Q&A following a screening of his documentary “Pandora’s Promise” | Jane Boursaw Photo

Day five of the 9th Annual Traverse City Film Festival included one of my top R-rated comedies of all time and an indepth look into the idea that maybe nuclear power isn’t so bad after all.

Pandora’s Promise” is a documentary about the history and future of nuclear power. The film explores why many people who once feared the controversial technology are now embracing it as a real choice for the future.

It’s a historical analysis, cultural meditation and modern exploration of nuclear energy that aims to cultivate a serious debate over what is no doubt the most important question of our time: how do we continue to power modern civilization without destroying it?

I must admit that I’m still not sold on the idea. I have friends who were in the shadow of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl whose lives were changed drastically, so it’s going to take some serious talk to get me to switch over to the idea that nuclear power won’t kill all of us at some point.

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