A Message from Michael Moore: T-Minus 5 Days Until the TCFF!

It’s less than a week until the opening night of the 11th Annual Traverse City Film Festival, so you’re probably in one of three positions right now:

1. You couldn’t get tickets to a particular movie you wanted to see. “Learning to Drive?” So what, I learned to drive when I was 16. “Dark Places?” Well, go see any movie here and you’ll be sitting in one! Finding out that one of your selections is “Standby Only” is one of life’s great chances to see something unexpected, daring, and surprising!

2. You still can’t decide what to see from a list of films featuring everything from some of the greatest classics in the history of cinema to some of the most audacious, captivating, hilarious, and transcendent movies to come along in recent years.

3. You’re desperately trying to figure out how many meals you can skip, responsibilities you can abandon, and how long your dog can go without a walk in order to squeeze in a few more movies.

Fortunately for you, your friendly neighborhood programmer (yes, I’ve seen them all) is here to help! Read on to find out more about some of my favorites — tips and suggestions for finalizing your feast of film this coming July 28 – August 2.

Brilliant. Ingenious. Astonishing. Enchanting. Both directors of this inspiring and inventively-told true story of grassroots activism will present the film in person – one of them is coming all the way from Jordan!
TCFF Michigan Filmmaker of the Year Roger Corman presents his favorite film from his 400+ title resume. Vincent Price was never more deliciously sinister than in this bravura gothic fantasy adapted from the Edgar Allan Poe classic!
With Caitlyn Jenner making headlines around the country, this film could not be more timely. Director and Petoskey native Sharon Shattuck, along with her parents, will join us in TC for this powerful and profound film about one how one family coped with the most intimate of transformations.

No, it’s not about dinosaurs. We’ll leave that to “Jurassic World.” Instead we have a film far more epic and inspiring than anything Hollywood could’ve dreamed up — the incredible true story of 17-year-old boxer Claressa Shields and her rise from the streets of Flint, MI to Olympic glory. Claressa will join us live from the stage of the State!
Heartbreaking, impassioned, and infuriating, this essential film about the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses will feature a special post-film panel with subjects from the film, local survivors, and activists.
Semi-serious, but totally joyful, meet the freaks, geeks, and merry pranksters behind the New Yorker’s iconic single panel cartoons — and very special guest Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor for the New Yorker, in person!
The director as well as the subjects will be on hand for this Grand Rapids-set and absolutely fascinating look at the you-won’t-believe-this-is-actually-still-happening world of Christian courtship.
Doug Benson in TC
Traverse City’s beloved adopted son Doug Benson returns again with his Doug Loves Movies Podcast, and not one, but TWO, of his famous movie interruptions. See him, and some other funny people including myself, riff on “Speed” and “Top Gun.”
This year’s Michigan Filmmaker Award Winner, Roger Corman, pretty much invented the midnight movie, and he has personally selected his craziest, most insane, and just plain awesome movies to play especially for us. Expect a very cool late night out.
We are excited to present a special sneak preview of the latest from the geniuses behind “Chicken Run” and “Wallace and Gromit” about a mischievous little sheep. This is a moviegoing opportunity ewe won’t want to miss.
What could very well be the last spellbinding work of hand drawn from the legendary Studio Ghibli comes to the film festival to dazzle both young and old audiences alike with its unrivaled artistry and magical story of friendship. Don’t miss it!
With the most edge-of-your-seat excitement and the most spectacular thrills of the festival, people will long be talking about this powerful high-seas adventure unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
Out of Nature
Norway never lets us down. Each year some of our favorite films of the festival come from this little Scandinavian country that has no business being as phenomenal at making films as it is. And this nearly-one-man comedy is no exception to the rule.

And don’t forget about my additional screening of “Mike’s Surprise” — Saturday at 12 noon at the State!

So log on to our website or visit our box office at 201 E Front Street (corner of Front and Cass) to get your tickets now! The only thing you’ll regret is not seeing more.

Only 5 more sleeps till movie Christmas!


Michael Moore