Sold Out Films Added, and Public Ticketing Starts for the 2016 Traverse City Film Festival


Tomorrow (Saturday) is the big day for members of the public who are waiting to buy their tickets for this year’s film festival. At 10 am, tickets will be available at the box office and at 6 pm online for the 250 great films in this year’s selection. Party time!

As is the case every year at this time, word on the street — and considering we have like, three main streets here, I’m always a bit baffled by this — is that there are only a few tickets left for the public. But nothing could be further from the truth! Yes, a number of screenings have sold out and are now available only for people in the standby line, but tickets remain for the vast majority of the festival’s 250 screenings. 

And while one screening may have no more availability, chances are there is another screening of the same film with tickets still available. (See the list of films with a sold out screening that still have availability here.) 

PLUS — good news! — we’re adding more screenings of the sold out films! We are pleased to announce that tonight we have added additional screenings of some of our most in-demand films:

Heart of a Dog” – Sat 9 am Dutmers
The Event” – Sun 9 am Dutmers
Obit” – Sun 12 noon Old Town Playhouse
My Blind Brother” – Sun 9 pm State Theatre
A Man Called Ove” – Sun 9 pm Lars Hockstad
Adult Life Skills” – Sun 9 pm The Buzz 

Tickets to these films are available starting now for our Friends of the Film Festival, so the Friends can still get first crack at the tickets.

And then public gets their chance to purchase tickets to these screenings, along with all the other great films of the festival, tomorrow (Saturday) morning, July 16, starting at 10 am in person at the box office and at 6 pm online at

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements regarding the special guests and filmmakers who will be joining us here in Traverse City for a glorious week of filmgoing unlike any other. 

So check out trailers for TCFF films and watch the blog for our other helpful hints at finding the best movies for you. Fill your movie card, and I’ll see you downtown! 


Michael Moore