Reports from the Front Lines

ATSOFFfrtix001In anticipation of the start of this year’s Friends of the Film Festival ticketing, the State Theatre welcomed its first eager “camper” at 11 pm the night before tickets went on sale. Dennis Baur of Birmingham, MI waited in line for twelve hours so he and his wife could be the first to purchase their tickets from a long list of incredible movies. “This is our third year being a Friend of the Festival and we love seeing the people and the new attractions they create every year,” said Dennis’ wife Linda. “The festival is so well organized, the volunteers are so happy and accommodating that we just get caught up in everything.”


This year’s first person in line, Dennis Baur, receives a “First in Line” tote bag from last year’s first in line, Margaret Schaal.

Friends of the Film Festival are able to buy up to four tickets per time slot one week before the public and also receive two tickets to each of the Friends Only Screening Party films (“Divide in Concord” and “Human Capital“). David and Chris Jaymes, ten year veterans of the festival, were excited to says this was their first year standing in line and couldn’t believe they hadn’t done it sooner. They recalled their time at Opening Night of the very first festival and have been hooked ever since, increasing their involvement every year. David has also volunteer for the past seven years.TCFF Ticket Line 2014

Those who dared the morning wait were let into the State at 10 am for a brief welcome and instructions. As the theater filled, the atmosphere came alive with conversation and excitement over what everyone planned to see. Buzz about films started to pop around; “The Gilded Cage,” “Land Ho!,” and “Snowpiercer” were frequently mentioned.StateFriends

Max ‘Old Bear’ and Candace Lee have come every year and still get “antsy” when the schedule comes out. Candace explains how she has friends that frequently go to other film festivals yet still find the Traverse City Film Festival unique in that it is actually centered around the movies rather than endorsements or celebrities.

After being comfortably situated at the State, ticketing commenced! Our amazing interns helped the Friends down the block to the box office to purchase their tickets where they were greeted by our crack team of box office volunteers.boxofficefriends

 The 10th Annual Traverse City Film Festival is officially underway and with that brings the smiles that come with the knowledge that this year’s festival is destined to be the best yet!