Pick Your Category!

With public ticketing around the corner this Saturday, July 18, if you’re still looking over our schedule and getting overwhelmed by all the choices, we’ve got you covered. We’ve expanded on our Perfect Schedule blog post and created some more movie groupings for different interests. Plus! Plenty of tickets remain for all of these great films.


Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you love scenes that make your heart beat out of your chest with excitement? If you thought “Mad Max” or “Jurassic World” were this summer’s best movies then this list of films is for you!
The Benson Movie Interruption: Speed
The Benson Movie Interruption: Top Gun


22caec799a5e14caae6b94f486817820Are you the friend everyone turns to during election season for information? Are you involved with different groups that are active in changing and bettering the community? This category is perfect for people who are committed to making a difference and raising awareness.