Olivia de Havilland Cocktail

OLIVIAAs God is my witness, you’ll never be thirsty again! It’s the great Olivia De Havilland’s 100th birthday and to celebrate this amazing Oscar-winning actress, TCFF (celebrating a centennial of its own this year) is teaming up to feature a delicious drink in her honor.

The Olivia De Havilland Cocktail will be available at the private Filmmaker Loft all week during the festival and starting TODAY it will be available for everyone to try at The Franklin in Downtown TC and Trattoria Stella in the Grand Traverse Commons. Check out the recipe for the cocktail below which features ingredients from Michigan distilleries including Ferndale’s Valentine, Cork Town’s Two James, and Traverse City’s Grand Traverse.  Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn about this amazing cocktail, and you should too!


The Oliva de Havilland
6 parts Mammoth “Old Dam” Gin (Central Lake)
6 parts Wolf Mood Hibiscus (Michigan-made cocktail mixer)
1 part simple syrup
7 parts distilled water
1 fresh mint leaf for every ounce of cocktail
Mix all ingredients in a large vessel and chill. It may be served up (if very well-chilled) or on the rocks. A garnish would be gilding the lily.