2015 Bumper Contest

The Traverse City Film Festival and its 11-year sponsor, FIM Group, invite filmmakers of all ages to submit to the sixth annual TCFF Bumper Contest for a chance to win cash prizes, including a Grand Prize of $1,000.

A wonderful opportunity for aspiring and enthusiastic filmmakers looking to strut their stuff, and a great summer vacation project, bumpers are 20 to 60 second short films designed to play before festival feature presentations. The top bumpers submitted to the contest will be shown on screen during the 11th Annual Traverse City Film Festival and the very best will be eligible for cash prizes, including the $1,000 Grand Prize.

The festival is looking for creative and fun pieces that capture the spirit of both the festival and Traverse City — it’s beauty and movie savvy. Let your imagination run wild.

For complete details about the contest, including the fine print, go to http://traversecityfilmfest.org/bumpers/.

Winners will be contacted after the jury makes their decisions, and will be announced in late July.

Here are the winners from last year’s contest!