1. What Can You Say Except You’re Welcome

Around here, don’t be surprised if you hear the words “Thank You” a lot. The festival would not function without our loyal and talented volunteers who take the tickets, pop the corn, greet the patrons, and sweep the floors—among the many, many ways you keep the “reels” spinning throughout the festival! And we try to show just how thankful we are to have you on board with some cool exclusive perks like:
– FREE volunteer TSHIRT
– FREE POPCORN while you work
– FREE volunteer only MOVIE SCREENING on the Monday before the festival
– FREE TICKETS to festival movies reserved only for volunteer
– FREE volunteer only PARTY on the Monday after the festival

2. Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local

The film festival is the perfect example of Traverse City coming together to create something meaningful. Be part of the amazing community that is dedicated to showing “just great movies” and work with some just great people. The film festival is a great opportunity to meet unique people and forge new friendships. Volunteers may start out as strangers, but become fast friends by the end of the festival. Whether you have volunteered before, or you are trying out something new, there is always room for you at the film festival!

3. May the SWAG be with You

If vintage TCFF apparel, gift bag extras, and various assorted goodies were droids… these WOULD BE the droids you are looking for. SWAG Bucks are given to those working challenging, late night, and weekend shifts. SWAG Bucks can then be combined and redeemed — arcade ticket style — for some great wares at the Volunteer Party on Monday, July 31.

4. It’s Off to Work We Go

Signing up to volunteer is easy, there’s no reason to get grumpy!  If you would like to sign up for a volunteer shift, but want to do it the old-fashion way… just ask! You can call or email us at any time! Or visit the Volunteer tab on the TCFF website and sign-up or sign-in! We try to find the right fit for all volunteers. We want you to be happy as you so generously give of your time to help us. There are all sorts of positions before, during, and after the festival, please reach out if you have questions.

5. The Ballad of TCFF

Go behind-the-scenes at not only one of MovieMaker Magazine’s “25 Coolest Film Festivals,” but also some of the coolest historic buildings around like the State Theatre or City Opera House. Whether you are ushering people to their seats in the newly renovated Central High School Auditorium or popping popcorn at the Bijou, you are at the center of what makes this unforgettable event really sing!

6. Don’t just be, “Someone in the Crowd” sign up to volunteer today!

As smiling, gracious, and warm-hearted volunteers you turn our patrons’ world from black and white to glorious technicolor with your welcoming presence! You are the spark, the reason our patrons keep returning year after year. They love you, and we do too!