Let these adorable animals encourage you to sign up as a volunteer! It’s not too late, and it’s as rewarding and fun as these creatures are cute.

Deck yourself out in style

What’s up dog? If you’re looking for awesome prizes, you’re barking up the right tree. SWAG bucks are given to volunteers who work challenging, late night, and weekend shifts, and can be redeemed at the volunteer party for some fun prizes.

We’ll give you a hand

We can’t say THANK YOU enough, but we promise to try. The festival would not be possible without the help of an outstanding team of volunteers who take the tickets, greet patrons, feed us fish, sell the snacks, and make sure the festival runs smoothly. 

Be a part of something great

A waddle of patrons, filmmakers, staff, and volunteers come together each year to celebrate our incredible community. There’s nothing else like it, and we want YOU to experience it with us!

You never know what’s gonna happen

Ask any volunteer from years past, and they’ll tell you to expect the unexpected. Drop ins from cool guests, decorating statues of historical figures, seeing a DeLorean – there’s no such thing as an average day at the festival. 

Signing up is easy

Call or email us at any time, or go to the Volunteer tab on the TCFF website. There are all kinds of roles to fill, and we’ll match you up to make sure you’re happy! The whole process is pretty chill.

You never know who’s watching

Watching a movie at the festival is a way for people to experience a film that moves them, and year after year, YOU are the ones who help make this happen. 

Did you say FREE?

Indeed we did! As an appreciation for taking the time to volunteer, we have some perks that won’t make a ro-dent in your wallet. 

  • FREE POPCORN while you work
  • FREE volunteer TSHIRT
  • FREE volunteer-only MOVIE SCREENING on the Monday before the festival
  • FREE TICKETS to festival movies, reserved only for volunteers
  • FREE volunteer-only PARTY on the Monday after the festival

Volunteer party

Another way to say thank you! What better way to close out the festival than a final bash to celebrate our team of incredible, talented, hard working volunteers. Enjoy food and fun while you share your stories and create new ones with a fabulous group of friends.

You’ll fall in love (with the festival)

There’s a good reason our volunteers keep coming back. When the theaters are packed, the popcorn is popping, and the streets are full of happy moviegoers, it’s hard to not be captivated by this extraordinary event.

Life comes at you fast

Even the most gentle sea-cows among us could use an adventure, and volunteering at the festival is a perfect way to get away from the grind and into an energetic atmosphere that’ll keep you on (or off) your toes. 

Make new friends

One of the biggest perks of volunteering at the festival happens behind the scenes. Being a part of the festival gives you the opportunity to make fast friends with a new, unique herd, just as dedicated to helping the festival as you are. 

TCFF – it’s where everyone wants to be

With over 2,000 volunteers and tens of thousands of moviegoers each year, the festival is a prime destination for all walks of life to take in a show. Volunteering puts you in the right in the middle of the action so you can help others hop around.

Enjoy the show

If you the excitement of the theater, the smell of popcorn, and watching the best films on the big screen, the festival is the place to be — for six days, Traverse City lives and breathes movies. Feel it yourself with free volunteer-only tickets.