While you’re enjoying your fantastic films, our wonderful venue volunteers are having some fun of their own. The State Theatre led the way with their artistic, architectural program guide arrangement, sparking an impromptu competition between venues to see who could display their guides in the most exciting fashion. Every venue stepped up to the plate and gave us some truly spectacular displays, but our favorite, and the winner of free pizza on closing day, is the marvelous staircase built by Central High School, complete with a tribute to Michael Moore in Coke! Check out all of the entries below.

Winner: Central High School

Stairway to Greatness Award

Runner Up: Old Town Playhouse

“In Honor Of” Award

State Theatre

Tower Innovator Award

Kirkbride at the Commons

The Spread the Word Award

Bijou by the Bay

Best Use of Space Award


Tower of Power Award

City Opera House

Challenge Taker Award