Press Room


Please complete the form and also refer to our media access requirements below.

Media credentials are reserved for working members of the press only. This includes editors, reporters, bloggers, book authors, producers, camera crews and photographers. Credentials will not be granted to non-editorial media professionals including publishers, general managers, account representatives, sales executives, brand executives and PR/marketing representatives, as well as anyone whose primary purpose for attending the TCFF is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering it as working news media.

TCFF defines “Media” as journalists, photographers, editors, or producers who have a verified editorial assignment to cover the festival for a recognized and established media outlet (print, online, radio, TV) of substantial reach that generates original articles or reviews about the festival.

Media credentials and photo passes will not be provided for spec photography, freelance writers not on assignment or portfolio photographers. Freelancers, please note that an editor’s letter must be emailed to on publication letterhead at the same time as your application.


Blogs must be established and reflect current independent film and movie related news. New posts must be published at least weekly. Blog traffic must exceed 10,000 unique visits per month. Individual company and personal blogs will not be considered for credentials. Bloggers should be prepared to submit verification of website analytics.

Social Media Influencers

Influencers must have at least one verifiable social media account with a relevant and substantial following more than (minimum 5,000 followers) and demonstrated active engagement. Applicable social channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Freelancers must provide a verifiable letter of assignment from a bona fide media outlet