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Here are our 2018 Live Filmmaker interviews, presented with the support of the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office.

Jane Fonda Panel Live from The State.

Legendary Dick Cavett and director Robert S. Bader talk about their film The Tale of the Tapes.

2018 Best Foreign Nonfiction Film. We’re back and live with Robert Bahar, one of the filmmakers of The Silence of Others, a documentary about Spain’s 40-year dictatorship under General Franco.

We are live with Betsy West, one of the directors of RBG, to talk about her film, women in media, and the legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Join us for a live interview about Youth Unstoppable with Executive Producer Amy Smart, Director Slater Jewell-Kemker, and Producer Wendy Jewell. We will talk about that state of climate change and how a new generation is taking steps to become more active.

Special Award For Documentary Filmmaking. Talking with Sally Rubin, the documentary filmmaker and director of Hillbilly: a documentary film. We’ll talk about the people and communities within Appalachia and the stereotypes that surround them.

Join us live with John McPhail, director of Anna and the Apocalypse, talking about Christmas movies, musicals, and the perfect music to listen to during an apocalypse!

We are live with the incredible filmmakers of Crime + Punishment, a moving documentary about illegal policing quotas in the New York Police Department. Joining us are director Stephen Maing, Edwin Raymond, and Manuel Gomez P.I.

Special Award For Exuberance In Documentary Filmmaking. Join us as we sit down with the director, Dava Whisenant, and lead, Steve Young, of Bathtubs Over Broadway, a documentary of a forgotten history of quirky industrial musicals.