Stanley Kubrick was born July 26, 1928 in Manhattan, New York. For his 13th birthday, his father gave him a camera, inspiring in him a love of photography and film. From there, Kubrick went on to become one of the very best filmmakers the world has ever seen. While Kubrick only made 13 films over a 46-year span, he made more than his fair share of masterpieces. Known for his unrivaled craftsmanship, technical mastery, and impossibly beautiful images, his films, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, and Barry Lyndon, have left an enduring mark on the the cinema. 

To commemorate his legacy, TCFF has rebranded the Hockstad Auditorium at Central Grade School as “The Kubrick.” And, to help us make “The Kubrick’s” first year one to remember, his right-hand man Leon Vitali will be attending the festival along with the film about his life working with Kubrick, Filmworker.

Next to every great filmmaker is someone who understands their vision. For Kubrick, Vitali was that guy and was so much more than just a collaborator. To learn more, and hear from Vitali himself, be sure to see Filmworker, a film about Kubrick and Vitali’s working relationship, and Vitali’s commitment to maintaining Kubrick’s legacy.