Outdoor movies on a giant screen, right on the bay and under the stars – what could be better? Beginning at dusk each night of the festival (plus one extra!), head down to the Open Space for an evening of classic favorites and newer gems — for FREE. Come early for music, food, and fun starting at 7pm! Perfect to enjoy with family, friends, or just your movie-loving self.


Get pumped for the festival with a test screening of this TCFF staff festival-favorite. Whether you’re a Talking Heads fanatic or have never heard of ‘em, we guarantee that the audience will be dancing their behinds off to the music of one of the best New Wave rock bands of all time. Show up, and you’ll be dancing too!

Monday at Dusk – FREE


It’s not a trap! It’s Star Wars on the bay. The fate of the galaxy is at stake in the conclusion of the iconic original trilogy. We’ve got all the greats — Luke, Leia, Han, Vader, and the sarlaac pit, on the big screen for everyone on this planet and others to enjoy. 

Featuring Extra Kids Fest Fun from 7 – 9 pm 

Tuesday at Dusk – FREE


We never thought this would be one of the most controversial movies at the festival, but it’s not like us to shy away! Join us for the 30th Anniversary screening of the classic Disney film by following Ariel and her underwater friends though their bubbly adventures and singing along to some of Disney’s best tunes. 

Featuring Extra Kids Fest Fun from 7 – 9 pm 

Wednesday at Dusk – FREE


The Woodstock Music and Art festival was an event that shook the world. Featuring incredible performances by some of the most iconic bands of all time, the festival helped shape and define voices of a generation. Celebrate the quintessential rock and roll event with us at Traverse City’s very own Open Space.

Thursday at Dusk -FREE
Note: This film will begin at 9:15 to accommodate the runtime.


You asked for it and we listened — the People’s Choice winner is here! When Marty McFly had an experiment gone wrong involving a time-traveling DeLorean, he finds himself stuck in 1955, and the only way out is through fixing the problems his mistake caused. Travel in style to the Open Space to catch this awesome sci-fi classic – no lightning bolt racing required. Get their early for a special DeLorean photo op! 

Featuring Extra Kids Fest Fun from 7 – 9 pm 

Friday at Dusk – FREE


One of the best entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie tells the story of Air Force pilot Carol Danvers, a powerful superhero, as she finds herself fighting for earth in an intergalactic battle. With great performances, a totally rad 90’s soundtrack, and plenty of girl power, don’t miss your chance to see this one on the big screen.

Saturday at Dusk – FREE


Everyone’s beloved magical nanny and her magical kite are back, and she’s here to help again! Emily Blunt steps seamlessly into Julie Andrew’s iconic role in this big-hearted song and dance extravaganza. It even has Dick Van Dyke! 

Plus, stop by and see the Open Space transformed into Cherry Tree Lane with fun and games for Sunday’s annual Closing Night Bash.

Sunday at Dusk – FREE