Good morning! We (the Traverse City Film Festival and TC itself) are featured in two wonderful pieces in tomorrow’s New York Times! Thought you’d like to read them. One is an interview with me about the festival and the State and Bijou Theaters, and the other is “36 Hours in Traverse City, Michigan.” A great way to kick off this week’s TCFF!

Today is Friends of the Festival Day for the thousands of you who support us. Thank you for that. We never would have made it to Year 14 without you. Your participation is needed now more than ever — financially, yes, but also your ideas and your enthusiastic spirit that champions the arts and critical thinking in a time like this. Art challenges, art lifts people up, art is the enemy of ignorance. Thank you for what you do both in your daily life and for what you can do in the future for our little festival.

See you later today and all week long! Movies! Yay!


Michael Moore