In order for the festival to put less waste in landfills and use more local vendors we use filtered water in compostable cups.


The entire container including the cup, lid, and straw are 100% compostable and made from corn. Pure Water Works from Traverse City provides the filtered water.


In order to keep up with the demand for water at our concession stands we will use 5-gallon kegs of water.  You should prefill as many glasses as space allows before and during screenings.  All venues will be equipped with 2 stations, which will each have a very specific function.  According to Health Department regulations, one station is to be designated for refilling ONLY Film Festival bottles with the hologram and the other station is dedicated to the compostable cups.  Each station will be labeled accordingly.  Either pumps or gravity fed devices may be requested.


The 5 gallon water kegs are NOT recyclable or trash.  They each have a $7 deposit and will need to be returned to the warehouse in the delivery van.  Volunteers should stack empty containers in a designated area so delivery drivers can remove the empty bottles.  The cups, lids, and straws go into the bins marked “COMPOST” which are at all garbage/recycling stations.  The compost bins can ONLY have the water containers and all food waste.  If a patron has a container or paper product that is clearly marked “100% compostable” it may also go into the compost bin.  Each trash station will include 3 bins – one for trash, one for recycling, and one for compost.