Ushers  Pre-Show

  • Ushers will be issued aprons and flashlights
  • Only the House Manager can authorize when doors will open
  • Every patron must be offered a program, a Friends card, and a Ballot (ballots are at selected shows)
  • Carry a movie guide and be prepared to answer questions.
  • Ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter.
  • Direct patrons of next show to the appropriate line.

˜At the manager’s discretion, volunteers may be allowed to view the movie if all tasks are completed.  This may not be possible for sold out shows.  Even if allowed to view a film all volunteers are expected to assist guests at all times.  Volunteers should return to the lobby prior to the end of the movie to prepare for turnover.

Ushers – Just before doors open, ushers transition to the auditorium.

  • One Usher will be assigned to the “reserved” section to prevent anyone access other than Special Guests.
  • If possible, “seat sitters” will be used, especially at the State Theatre.
  • One Usher at each entrance will be responsible for escorting patrons to their seats if needed and spotting empty seats.
  • May ask patrons nicely to move to center seats for easier access of late arrivals.
  • May ask patrons to raise their hands if the seat next to them is open.
  • May open additional or unused Reserved seating, if available, upon House Manager direction
  • Seats adjacent to wheelchair areas are reserved for companions.  Ushers may need to politely ask guests to move from these priority seats.


  Ushers – During Show

  • All radios must be turned off before entering the auditorium!
  • One Usher assigned to each door of auditorium to assist late arriving patrons in finding seats.
  • Provide basic security to auditorium entrance
  • Assist guests in returning to their seats
  • Ushers need to be QUIET during the show.  Any conversations should occur in designated areas or outside.
  • Bathroom cleaning (varies by venue).  Check toilet paper, paper towel, and trash.  Cleaning supplies are located in designated areas.
  • Change movie posters and movie sponsor board and other promotional materials


Ushers – Post-Show

  • Volunteers holding trashcans or bags should be positioned at theater doors prior to credits rolling.
  • Collect ballots, if distributed
  • Ask patrons with tickets for back-to-back shows to exit the auditorium and wait in a certain area where indicated.  Patrons with mobility assistive devices or special needs may be allowed to remain seated at Assistant Manager: Front House Manager discretion.
  • No cleaning happens until the lights go up.
  • After credit rolling is completed and the lights are up, cleaning should begin immediately (even if patrons remain in the auditorium).
  • If available, assign a volunteer to help patrons with their trash, especially recyclables.
  • Pick up large items by hand.   Be careful of non-empty containers.
  • Sweep or blow small debris to front of auditorium as directed by Assistant Manager.
  • Never drag a garbage bag on the floor.  It is sure to puncture or tear.  If the bag is heavy or unmanageable, always ask for help.
  • Take Lost and Found items to the Box Office or designated area
  • ˜ For COH, no trash bags, COH garbage or recycling in those two large bins out back.  This is shared among businesses.  All volunteers must adhere.

Once cleaning is complete, volunteers take their positions for the next show.


Ticket Takers, Clickers, and Clipboard Holders

  • Must check the ticket for the correct venue, film, date and time.
  • Rip ticket in half.  Half goes in apron, other half is returned to patron.
  • The Clicker counts every ticketed patron.
  • The Clipboard volunteer writes down the count of special pass holders
  • Must remain at entrance until approximately 15 minutes after the movie starts for latecomers.
  • Count the number of ticket stubs collected and record the information on the provided form, as well as the clicker count, and the pass count
  • Hand ticket stubs to the Assistant Manager: Front House, who places them in the marked manila envelope that is provided to each venue.