The festival is deeply grateful for everything that volunteers do to make the TCFF possible. We provide volunteers with a free volunteer screening on Monday before the festival, one of the best films of the festival, in order to ensure that all volunteers can see at least one movie. We also hand out free tickets to festival films at this screening. We also have some giveaways of tickets to volunteers at the box office during the festival.

Volunteers are not entitled to watch movies during the festival for free. Volunteers are welcome to purchase tickets to films, and the festival thanks them for their patronage and support!

We ask that when volunteers attend a festival film as a ticketed patron, that they do not wear their volunteer shirt or manager shirt. Otherwise, paying customers have told us that they think volunteers on shift are taking up seats.

Likewise, festival managers with all access passes are not permitted to use those passes to watch films or attend parties. We have to ask that all managers, to be fair, pay for tickets to the events and parties they want to attend. We do offer managers up to two tickets to the opening and closing night parties at a 50 percent discount.


Ticketing for Wheelchair Accessible Seating

We have initiated a clear and consistent policy on accessible seating.

Stand-By Line and Wheelchairs:
Line Wranglers work the line and allow elders and people in wheelchairs inside the venue to wait.  Wheelchair users from the stand-by line must be seated first, before other patrons, regardless of their positions in the line.

Seats that are designated as wheelchair accessible must be given to persons in wheelchairs before they are released for general seating.

The following information is available on the website and as a handout at all Box Office locations:

Our ticketing system allows for wheelchair accessible assigned seating. This will ensure reserved accessible seats, based on availability.

Since accessible seats are ticketed seats, they are charged at regular ticket prices.

We charge regular price for film festival seating and companion seats (personal medical assistants will be allowed a complimentary seat).

Whether or not your tickets are specified as companion seating, our venue personnel will work with you to ensure that you can sit with a companion. Please arrive at the venue early and you will be seated prior to the general seating.


Ticketing and Donations

Our policy is to sell empty seats to the stand-by line. These seats may be empty for several reasons: because we never sold them originally, or perhaps the free tickets that Sponsors were given are not used, or ticket holders do not attend.

Ticket holders are welcome to give their unneeded tickets to those in the standby line, or they can take their unneeded tickets to the Box Office, where they may request a Donation Receipt Form. The price paid for the tickets is considered a gift.  The TCFF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The Donation Receipt Form is also used for cash donations to the TCFF.  The donation is recorded on the General Donation line.

The festival keeps the original and the donor keeps the yellow copy.