1. Turn LIGHTS and WARMER OFF (kettle heat and kettle motor should already be off).  Kettle will cool much faster if you turn it upside down.  Use the silver hook to keep kettle in upside down position.  Kettle light can be turned on during cleaning but make sure it is turned off when finished
  2. Scoop out as much popcorn as possible
  3. Use hand held whiskbroom (one specifically for the popcorn popper) or a paper towel to get remaining crumbs out.  Push as many crumbs as possible through the center big holes so that they fall into the crumb tray
  4. Empty crumb tray
  5. Wipe kettle out with dry towel to get crumbs and anything else out
  6. Use hot soap and water to wash out the kettle. Be careful, kettle is HOT
  7. Clean all parts with hot soap and water, or use the wash, sanitize, and rinse 3-step sink system
  8. Let parts air dry or wipe with a clean cloth
  9. Use hot water and soap to wipe Plexiglas windows inside and out.  NEVER, EVER use glass cleaner to wipe Plexiglas.  It will turn dull and streak and be ruined forever
  10. Carefully put parts back into popper
  11. Make sure all 4 buttons are turned off – kettle lights, warmer, heat and motor