Keep merchandise neat and attractive, with shirts folded.

All items are priced and include tax.  All sales are final with NO REFUNDS.   Exchanges are accepted.

Filmmaker vouchers can be redeemed only at the Main Box Office.

No one’s entitled to receive free merchandise, not at any time, not at any venue.  This policy cannot be deviated from, no exceptions..

Be proactive, and sell, sell, sell!  Take the initiative and show patrons the merchandise.  Hold it up and tell them about it (i.e. made in the USA, eco-friendly fiber etc).  Tell patrons what items you especially like or have bought.

Sizing and products are limited so if a patron is shopping, let them know that it might not be there tomorrow. We are a one-week event and our merchandise will go fast. Items are available online, so customers may shop there.

Some venues will have something like this:

Cash Handling

All merchandise sale transactions will be entered in Agile by the Assistant Manager – Sales.  All Comped merchandise must be recorded manually on the paper form that is provided daily to the venue.

Keep your money neat with all bills facing in the same direction.  Large bills (over $20) and checks go under the tray in register or the cash box.

Always count back change.  If someone gives you a $50 dollar bill and buys for example, $18 of items, count back the change aloud and do not put the $50 away in the register or cash box until all change is given to the buyer.  Instead, lay it across the money drawer, then only after the transaction is completed put the money away.  Do not hand the merchandise over until paid for.

Personal checks: you must check a drivers license and write the number on the check, along with address and phone number, if they are not already on the check.

Only one person should be in charge of cash handling.  The cash box and register must be secured at all times.  Do not leave them alone.