1. Proactively look for anyone who may need to wait inside (elderly, people using assistive mobility devices, etc).
  2. Check tickets for the correct event, date, time, and venue.
  3. Check for people holding a WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE ticket. Bring them to a special waiting area inside the venue.
  4. If it’s hot and/or people have been waiting in line for a while, tell the manager that water should be brought outside to sell to patrons in line.
  5. Make the line aware that they can go inside the venue to use the bathroom and buy concessions.
  6. If someone not using an assistive mobility device is holding a wheelchair accessible ticket, alert a manager.
  7. Send voucher holders to the venue box office to exchange the voucher for tickets. If the show is sold out, instruct them to wait in the standby line.
  8. If there is a delay in loading the venue, proactively explain that there is a delay and give details as to when loading will happen, if possible.
  9. Refer anyone with questions to volunteers wearing an “Ask Me” button.
  10. If you see anyone who seems to need assistance, be proactive and ask these individuals how you can be of assistance to them.
  11. Patrons with tickets to back-to-back movies must exit the auditorium, taking their belongings, between screenings. These individuals will wait in an area designated by the venue for back-to-back ticket holders.
  12. Distribute Friends of the Film Festival cards at every screening and explain the program to anyone who inquires.
  13. Distribute Program Guides at every screening.