For ALL emergencies dial 911. Then contact your direct Manager, who will contact “Mother,” which is the festival communications system. Mother will contact the appropriate parties.

If you become aware of a fire emergency, follow the R-A-C-E plan:

*Rescue/Remove person(s) not involved in fighting a fire from the immediate fire scene

*Alert others by activating the nearest alarm or calling 911

*Confine the fire and smoke by closing all doors in the area

*Extinguish a small fire (no larger than a wastebasket size), with a portable fire extinguisher. Begin the building Evacuation according to the printed Alarm Procedures. See House Manager for guidance.

ASSEMBLYFollowing any evacuation, patrons, volunteers and employees are asked to gather on the north side of the building, along Seventh Street

FIRE HYDRANT Located at all 4 corners where Seventh Street and Eighth Street intersect Pine Street and Wadsworth Street

FIRE DEPARTMENT VEHICLE ACCESS Primary access is at the yellow curb, along Pine Street, on the east side of the building

EXITS: Located at the right side the balcony, and highlighted with red “EXIT’ signs.  Located at all 4 corners of the main floor of the theatre, and highlighted with red “EXIT” signs

ACCESSIBLE EGRESS: Through the exits at the front of the theatre and then right to the Pine Street building exit


  1. Hall way at the front of the theatre
  2. Back of the auditorium
  3. Wall behind the stage