Most commercial popcorn machines feature three (3) operating controls or buttons.  You will these switches at or near the top front of the popcorn machine (the side with the two plexus-glass doors that pull open).

The first button normally is the heat switch, or sometimes referred to as the kettle heat switch.  This button is your most important button.  Once you activate this button, it allows the kettle to heat up quickly up to 350 to 400 degrees F.  Once you have activated the heat switch, you NEVER want to have an empty popcorn kettle on for more than 15-20 seconds.

The most important thing to remember with this switch is to turn the heat switch to the Off position when your popcorn popping is nearing completion and you are finished making popcorn for the moment.

This action prevents your popcorn from burning and keeps the internal parts of the kettle, called the heating elements and thermostats, from burning out.

The second button normally is the motor button.  This button activates the motor that turns the agitator to keep your popcorn, oil, and salt in constant motion in the kettle so your popcorn does not burn.  Activate the motor button after activating your heat switch.

The third button normally is the heat lamp.  It is the heat lamp bulb in the upper right/left corner in your popcorn machine.  Activate the heat lamp AFTER you activate the kettle heat and motor switch to keep the popped popcorn warm and fresh.

Once the popcorn is done popping gently empty the popcorn from the kettle.  DO NOT bang the kettle or swing the kettle hard to get out that last kernel.  Excessive force will lead to damage of the machine.

The quantity of popcorn and oil you need to add to your popcorn is measured by the size of the kettles.  For 4 oz kettles, use 4 oz. of raw popcorn seed.  For 6 oz kettles, use 6 oz. of raw popcorn seed and so on.