Lay Park is also a venue for scheduled live performances by the festival’s volunteer musicians.  These pre-scheduled concerts, which are also listed in the program guide, are scheduled so as not to overlap with pre-scheduled discussions.  At other times, music performances will take place from noon until 7 pm Wednesday through Sunday with surprise music give-aways.  A local artist will setup and easel to capture the atmosphere that evolves throughout the week.

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Set Up

Five picnic tables and individual chairs accommodating up to 30 or so participants seated for film discussions. Hand-held microphone enhancement will be available as needed.  This is accessible to all participants.

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  • Cold water at all times
  • Food cart for sales during pre-scheduled film discussion and musical concerts through Old Town Coffee

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Key People on Site

Daily, Wednesday through Saturday:

  • Managers, film and music
  • Volunteer: Greeters/Cleaners – TCFF Information (disperses hand-outs and buttons, etc.) There will be three volunteers for each film discussion
  • Discussion Facilitator for each of the nine Films
  • Food Vendor
  • Musicians  (Wednesday through Sunday)

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For more information please contact Rick and Judy VanDeWeghe, TCFF Film Lounge / film Forum, 231.421.3341(H), Cells: J. 231 492-3025, R. 231-492-3026

Michael Sullivan, TCFF Entertainment Manager 231-392-3707