To the Fuel to Our Festival Fire,

Today is the day you can sign up for shifts and join us on the grand cinematic adventure that is the TCFF. 

It’s like heading back to summer camp and getting to see all of your buddies from last year, but with way less mosquitos and way more popcorn. 

So get your ticket-tearing hands in shape and bust out your sensible shoes, because this festival is on! 

And making the whole thing seem even more real (I can’t believe it’s only 32 days away) is that our 2018 Schedule also dropped today. Set some time aside to really dig into all that’s on offer this year, from fantastic foodie fare to late night thrills, and make sure leave yourself some time to catch at least a film or two. 

If you don’t know the drill, to sign up for your volunteer shifts just go to our website, login, and and select the venue/area of interest. There will then be a variety of times to choose from with shifts ranging from 2.5 – 4.5 hours. Quick note, those stalwart superstars interested in Warehouse and Answer Squad shifts will have to wait just a little bit longer. Stand by for alerts. We’ll need you! 

A few changes to be aware of. Hockstad Auditorium is back, but we’ve rechristened it “The Kubrick.” And if you’re looking to volunteer with the old Hockstad management team, they’re staying put at Central High School. 

Sticking with what you know? Trying something new? Have no idea what’s what or where to start? Well you really can’t go wrong. Each venue has a unique personality and pace (State Theatre, more fast and furious; Old Town Playhouse, more chill and laid back). We have positions to fit every area of interest and schedule. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about what might be the perfect spot for you.


4-6 Hours of Time Available Each Day of the Festival + Love of the Festival, Community, and Polo Shirts = Prime Managerial Candidate. While it’s certainly fun and rewarding to work shifts (we need you!), it’s a different kind of special to become a member of venue team. It’s not just a line when we tell you people refer to their venue teams as family. They’re close knit crews that are the biggest reason this festival runs as well as it does! 

Attend our next volunteer open house on July 19 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at the Old Town Playhouse, check out this info online, or email us with interests to learn more.


I see you there. Eyeing that movie. And I want you to see it. I just can’t guarantee you’ll see it while working a volunteer shift. We are counting on your help, so please select your shifts so they don’t conflict with your must see flicks. 

We said it above and it bears repeating: We really need you! We count on you! We don’t overstaff to account for no-shows, so please show up for your shift! The only caveat-do not come in if you’re sick! Take care of yourself first. 

To make the most of your training and expertise, we also ask that you please sign up for at least three shifts, and preferably at the same venue. And if you’re up for it, sign up for consecutive shifts. If you do, a symbol may appear alerting you about overlapping shifts. Overlap is perfectly OK but ONLY when the shifts are at the SAME VENUE. 


On Monday, July 30, we get to show you, the volunteers who make the festival possible, a special free screening of one the festival’s most choice movies. This year we’ll be showing “The Perfect Bid” at The Kubrick. It’s a wild, stranger-than-fiction story that takes you inside high drama of “The Price is Right.” Remember the sweet, sweet thrill of staying home sick from school and getting to watch “The Price is Right?” This is basically that but much more cinematic.

Your credentials are your ticket — and beforehand, you’ll get a somewhat entertaining (we try, but can’t guarantee our light comedy will land) overview of the festival and your questions answered. There will also be an opportunity to receive free tickets to movies throughout the festival. 


Speaking of those credentials you’ll need…you can pick them up, along with your volunteer-exclusive tshirt, on Friday, July 27 at the State Theatre and at the Festival Office at 232 E. Front Street on Saturday July 28. Watch your inbox for more credentialing deets. 

You guys are so smart, so talented, so cool, so thoughtful, so fun to be around, and so incredibly generous, it blows our mind that we’re lucky enough to get to work with you and make this crazy wonderful thing happen. Thank you for joining us on for all the wonder and work that lies ahead and for wanting to be a part of the movie magic that starts with you! 

You’ll be hearing more from us in the coming weeks, but if you have any questions please email them to or call the office at 231-392-1134.

Happy Schedule Day! 

Meg Weichman