Hey Everybody!

Stopping by to say hello and see how your volunteer schedule is coming. I know a lot of people wait to sort out their film schedule, which as a devout film fan, I have nothing but respect for. But if you have any questions at all about signing up or the ins and outs of various shifts please send an email to volunteer@tcff.org! We’re both here to help and super grateful for your help! ?

Now on to some relevant announcements and updates.

Remember how we used to do those Volunteer Manager Open Houses? Well, this is like that, but better…and with beer. Much more true to the inviting and cool environment our TCFF venue teams cultivate, come have one on us and join as at the Rare Bird Brewpub Patio to mix with TCFF venue managers and sign up as a volunteer manager. It’s a casual, no pressure meetup with other great people who share your interest and passion for this incredible place we call home. See you Thursday, July 11 between 7 – 9 pm. There’s even a Facebook event you can feel free to click interested on.

We have shifts in advance of the main festivities we could use some help for that we wanted to call out. Sign up online or email volunteer@tcff.org with interest.

July 10: Warehouse – Pallet Rack Assembly (10 am – 1 pm)
July 27: Kubrick – Friends Screenings (Various Shifts)
July 28: Open Space – Founders Party (Various Shifts)
July 29: The Kubrick – Volunteer Screening (Various Shifts)
July 30: Front Street! Opening Night Party (Various Shifts)

We wanted to call your attention to a change in our Kids Fest shifts this year. Instead of a separate event during the daytime, this year we will be providing a cinematically enriching event for kids and families before select Open Space screenings featuring many of the Kids Fest activities people have come to love, and new crafts and activities that will emphasize film. Nothing beats evenings at the Open Space so sign up to be part of the best party in town.

Speaking of Kids Fest, if you happen to have any empty toilet paper rolls lying around the house, you can drop them off at TCFF Headquarters (140 E. Front Street, 2nd Floor) and they will be put to great use!

We are also on the hunt for a few face painters to share their skills with Kids Fest. I’m not talking professional level here, just hobbyists who have maybe picked up a brush and paint before and who just want to bring joy to kids the way paint they can’t even see on their face can. It’s low stakes painting high volume happiness. Email linda@stateandbijou.org with interest.

Or a neighbor, or a colleague, or a stranger. We could hire the fanciest Hollywood publicist, employ the slickest spokesperson, and no one would be as great of a representative of our festival or the joys of volunteering with us as YOU. So spread the word! And new recruits will thank you for the push to be brought into the fold. Sometimes a little encouragement is all someone is waiting for. Key words to use when describing the gig includes: FREE movie, FREE party, FREE tshirt, and priceless memories!

They can get their community service hours done early! If you know someone who is going to need volunteer hours for various clubs/credits, why not do it now, and volunteer at TCFF! There’s no cooler volunteer gig in town! Sign up and then you won’t have to worry about fitting in the time during your busy academic year. Plus, starting off young at the TCFF is a great way to build confidence and learn leadership skills. Some of our younger volunteers have started off with their parents and risen through the ranks to take on bigger roles. Read about one such awesome example here. It’s a great way to connect teens to their broader community.

We told you in the last post that your shirt this year is going to be a stunning shade of GRASS GREEn with an exclusive Volunteers-Only design. You can get this collectible tee and credentials at the State Theatre on Friday, July 26 from 1 – 7 pm, or Saturday, July 27 from 10 am – 2 pm at Festival Headquarters at 140 E. Front Street, 2nd Floor (in The Arcade building above Harvest). After Saturday, credentials and tshirts will be available at Festival HQ starting Monday, July 29.

Thank you for sticking with me through this post. You’ve unlocked the below a special gif of dog signing up for their shifts. Enjoy this dog gif, enjoy this summer, and enjoy your time volunteering at this years fest!

With a thankful heart,

Meg Wichman

Note if you wish to remove yourself from the TCFF volunteer site please log into your account and click the “remove” button.