Hey Team!

We may not score goals or get a ticker tape parade, but we are a team, and a pretty fantastic one at that. One that comes together to create some real-life movie magic and that continues to leave me in awe EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Honestly in the film festival world (and also probably the world in general), thanks to your herculean efforts, we are nothing less than a living, breathing marvel.

This all goes to say, I can’t wait to see everyone back in action as we bring this beast of a movie feast alive once again. And I hope you are excited to see some films, work some shifts, and possibly allow me to convince you to work some more shifts. Yayyyyyyyy!

So here’s the latest:

Did all this talk of team work get you feeling all wistful and and ready to reignite something in you that made you miss your days on the court, field, pool, or some other sportsball location? Well, being part of a venue management team is like that, but better, since there’s very minimal cardio involved. And you get to put on basically the biggest and best party in town.

So if you want to come together with a fantastic group of friends and strangers (aka soon to be new friends) and go on a grand adventure, consider signing up as a manager. We still have several different roles in need of filling across various venues, and there’s nothing quite as energizing as the mad, fantastic rush of working as a manager in a venue. And let me give you my best inspirational platitude and be the coach to encourage you to push yourself to the next level and check out the list of mission critical positions that still need to be filled or email us for more info.

This is about the time we start making the pitch for you to sign up for our harder to fill incredibly important shifts. And as a special thank you for lending a hand, if you do one of these shifts you will receive a coupon that can be redeemed for some “fabulous” prizes at the Volunteer Party on Monday, August 5 from 6 to 9 pm on the Front Lawn of the Grand Traverse Commons.

So what are these SWAG shifts?

  • All shifts on SATURDAY, SUNDAY, and MONDAY (8/5) of the festival
  • Any shift that runs into the midnight hour on any day (namely, our Open Space Shifts)
  • Warehouse Volunteers receive DOUBLE SWAG BUCKS at any time they volunteer in our festival hub (it’s that critical to operations)
  • Stay tuned to these blasts for updates on specific BONUS SWAG shifts. We’ve gone up to QUADRUPLE SWAG before. Will this be the year for QUINTUPLE?

Under this systems, as always, the more SWAG shifts you work, the more SWAG bucks you earn. At the Volunteer Party, you’ll be able to combine your SWAG bucks to redeem different tiers of prizes, just like at an arcade. The most primo items will require more bucks to redeem, but we can still promise that there will be something for everyone who receives a SWAG buck. Your turn at the redemption area to spend your bucks will be determined randomly upon entry at the Volunteer Party.

After you login it can be overwhelming to know where to start, so here are some areas in need of help:

  • Open Space
  • The Answer Squad – Perfect if you don’t want to be stuck in one place!
  • Central High School
  • Old Town Playhouse

One of most frequently asked questions we get is “When can I get my shirt and credentials” so I don’t think we can include this information enough. You must have credentials while volunteer and credentialing is Friday, July 26 from 1 – 7 pm at the State Theatre, or Saturday, July 27 from 10 am – 2 pm at Festival Headquarters at 140 E. Front Street, 2nd Floor (in The Arcade building above Harvest). After Saturday, credentials and tshirts will be available at Festival HQ during office hours (8 am – 8 pm) starting Monday, July 29.

And if you missed any other info, we have all our emails and other volunteering FAQs on our website. And it’s also the same page where you can login to sign up, so maybe bookmark this page. Just saying…

We’ve made it through another post, and while I don’t know if anyone else enjoyed last week’s adorable GIF, I sure did, so check out this post’s snapshot of delight that shows how we feel every time you sign up for a shift!


Meg Weichman