Hey Team!

We’ve got one final doozy of an info download before the festival kicks off Tuesday. Yay!

It was so great to see you downtown on Friday and Saturday. That festival feeling has already seemed to set in and we can sense the excitement in the air. We were also so very enthused by your turn out! Which brings us to the next point…


We ran short on some sizes of our adorable Caminals volunteer shirts! We are very sorry if you experienced a shirt snafu, and we promise we will get you a shirt. A fresh batch of volunteer shifts is slated to arrive at our office Tuesday evening. If you need a shirt before then, or wo

n’t be able to make it downtown to our office at 232 E. Front Street, please reply to this email.


Don your credentials with pride and join us TONIGHT! Monday, July 30 at 6 pm at The Kubrick at Central Grade for our FREE volunteer screening, brief (but highly entertaining – there’s a game this year!) orientation, lots of heartfelt thanks, and a few inspirational words to get the week started on a high note.

After all the falderal (and encouragement to sign up for another shift), we’ll all get to sit back and enjoy the fun documentary “Perfect Bid: The Man Who Knew Too Much.” And with popcorn, drinks, and a special treat, it’s going to be just great.


Attention night owls and evening owls! Managers are clamoring for your talent and skill! There are lots of openings for evening shifts, usually beginning around 7:30 pm, as well as the late, late shifts, so we’re making any shift that starts after 7 pm a SWAG shift! And on Saturday and Sunday during the festival these will be DOUBLE SWAG shifts. This is a great option for people who work during the day or have tickets to morning and afternoon movies.

And as reminder in addition to shifts after 7 pm, ALL Saturday, Sunday, and Monday after the fest shifts are SWAG shifts! We appreciate your talents and smiles all week, but on Saturday and Sunday we may just appreciate them a tad more. And we repeat–SWAG is involved! Procrastinators who haven’t signed up yet, consider the aforementioned shifts first! Already signed up? We certainly won’t mind it if you signed up for some more (hint, hint).


We’ve made it as easy as can be to get the training you need to master our new BATA Bayline Free Shuttle Route. Just show up at Central Grade School TODAY (Monday) at 5 pm, hop on a bus, and learn everything you need to know on a fun interactive training ride, returning in plenty of time for the movie.

Answer Squad is one of the very coolest roles at the festival, where you get to ride an AIR CONDITIONED bus with wifi, sit down, meet lots of people, hear the reviews and buzz on the movies, and share advice about Traverse City and Northern Michigan.


So even if we didn’t convince you to sign up as an Answer Squad volunteer to help people get around the festival, we hope you’ll ride the shuttles around the festival when volunteering or attending movies. Our festival BATA Bayline Shuttles begin running on WEDNESDAY morning at 7 am, and run every day through Sunday until the last filmgoers and volunteers are returned to their cars. Just park on the east side of town in NMC’s Cherry Lot or on the west side at the Meijer (US-31) Park-n-Ride lot (near the car wash), and leave the rest to us!


In one of the more inspiring acts of teamwork, collaboration, and community I have yet witnessed, the management teams at THE KUBRICK and CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL have swapped locations. That means if you were looking to volunteer with a certain venue team, we wanted to make you aware so you could plan or reschedule your shifts accordingly. But I can say with the utmost certainty you will love working with whatever crew wherever you land. The three venue managers involved in this swap are serious rocks stars and deserve some major TCFF volunteer love, so give it up for them (maybe by signing up for a shift there…both locations could really use your help!).


If you have not had the chance to pick up your credentials yet, please visit us in the main festival office at 232 E. Front Street from 10 am to 6 pm beginning today


The annual Volunteers vs. Filmmakers softball game is back! Let’s show ’em that not only do we put on a fine film festival, we also put on a great softball game. Game time: 10 am,Saturday, August 4. Place: Civic Center. All are welcome. And a good time will be had by all! Bring gloves, bats, and balls if you have them (especially if you don’t want this to become a kick ball game!) Free team tshirt!

Okay, I’m looking forward to seeing you all tonight, and I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to just do the darn thing already. Especially cause I know it will awesome, since we have all of you.

Look for more emails during the festival week! Thank you for being there. It means the world to us. Truly.

Talk soon!

Meg Weichman