Dear Volunteering Superstars,
Time for another missive from the TCFF volunteer front. And this one is chock full of important dates, some worthwhile info, and lots of enticement to sign up for shifts! Like how about doing it right now? All you need to do is click here.
Fun, FREE movies, a cool tshirt (extra cool this year thanks to artist Eric Daigh), an exclusive party, new friends, good times, excitement, and our sincere thanks awaits!
This is about the time we really start making the pitch for you to sign up for our harder to fill and incredibly important shifts. And as a special thank you for lending a hand, if you do one of these shifts you will receive a coupon that can be redeemed for some “fabulous” prizes at the Volunteer Party on Monday, August 6 from 6 to 9 pm on the Front Lawn at the Grand Traverse Commons.
So what are these SWAG shifts?
  • All shifts on SATURDAY, SUNDAY, and MONDAY (8/6) of the festival are SWAG shifts
  • Any shift that runs into the midnight hour on any day (namely, our Open Space Shifts) receives SWAG
  • Warehouse Volunteers receive DOUBLE SWAG at any time they volunteer in our festival hub (it’s that crucial)
Last year’s experiment in combining SWAG coupons to make the process a little more fun and equitable proved successful and will be further improved upon this year.
Under this systems, as always, the more SWAG shifts you work, the more SWAG coupons you earn. Each coupon you receive is worth one SWAG Buck, and at the Volunteer Party, you’ll be able to combine your SWAG bucks to redeem different tiers of prizes, just like at an arcade. The most primo SWAG items will require more SWAG Bucks to redeem, but we can still promise that there will be something for everyone who receives a SWAG Buck.  Your turn at the SWAG redemption area to spend your SWAG bucks will be determined randomly upon entry at the Volunteer Party.
Open Space: I’m gonna call it. Open Space is the most magical of all TCFF venues. Great movies in an unparalleled setting–the beautiful shores of Grand Traverse Bay. What could be better? You get to be outside in the Northern Michigan summer air, helping our community enjoy a wonderful free evening of entertainment. Just check out this year’s lineup for six more reasons you’ll want to be at Open Space. We’re expecting big crowds in the thousands this year, and you’re needed to make sure everyone has a swell time. Plus, you can even earn some SWAG! It’s the quintessential TCFF experience.
The Kubrick: Formerly Hockstad Auditorium at Central Grade, we’ve rebranded it The Kubrick upon its return to the TCFF after a year out of commission. It’s our biggest TCFF venue and could really use your help this year. It seems people have forgotten what a treasured festival venue it is and how much fun it is to work at the place with the biggest movies and biggest crowds. There’s nothing else like it.
Old Town Playhouse: A TCFF fan favorite, OTP is in need of more volunteers. OTP is a delightful and charming venue that was recently renovated with comfortable new seats. We’re sure you’ll make new friends when you sign up to work at OTP! And OTP has lots of cool screenings with tons of visiting filmmakers guests. There will always be something interesting going on there.
The Answer Squad: Are you friendly and outgoing? Do you like meeting new people and giving advice and suggestions? The Answer Squad is just the place for you. Answer Squad volunteers will ride our new BATA Bayline shuttles around while answering questions and helping people find their way, or be stationed at key shuttle stops doing the same thing. Your expert knowledge of the new shuttle route will make you one of the most in-demand people at the fest. And you’ll no doubt be asked for movie, restaurant, and shopping suggestions, too. It’s a wonderful role for advocates of Northern Michigan. And doubly important this year now that we are partnering with the BATA Bayline to make our FREE shuttle service more efficient, user-friendly, and swifter than ever before.
Kids Fest: TCFF is proud to offer movies and activities for all ages! If you love working with children, Kids Fest is for you. Kids Fest will once again be set up in Clinch Park behind the Bijou this year with a beautiful view of the bay. All shifts are during the day, leaving late afternoons and evenings free for moviegoing. If you love the fresh beach air, and take joy in working with little ones, consider Kids Fest!
We’re still seeking a parade float to make our Open Space dreams come true. Surely in Parade City, USA someone must have a float bed to loan and help us out. Think of the memories! Think of how many times we’ll play “Twist and Shout!”
We could also still use a stylish patio furniture set for our Founders and Filmmaker parties. Please reach out if you think you have one laying around that fits the bill. We will return it!
Is this the year you join the ranks of the TCFF Mangers? If you have the time, commitment, and spirit, this is our final reminder that we are still looking for additional assistant managers at venues throughout the festival. The camaraderie is indescribable–most managers return year after year–and we’d love to have you join the team. To learn more about these opportunities, and the urgent needs at The Kubrick, please join us tonight, Thursday, July 19, from 5:30-6:30 pm at the Old Town Playhouse. You can review a list of available openings in preparation here or just email us back if something catches your eye. Thank you for considering helping us out in this major way!
Credentials for all volunteers, along with your slick new tshirt, will be available for pickup on Friday, July 27, from 1 – 7 pm at the State Theatre, and on Saturday, July 28 from 10 am – 2 pm at the Festival Office at 232 E. Front Street. If you can’t make those dates, credentials will be available at the Festival Office from 10 am – 6 pm daily starting Monday, July 30.
Miss an email? Miss a date? Visit our Volunteer Page and scroll down for all the info and answers to FAQs you’ll need to make your volunteering experience an absolute breeze. And COMING SOON? The 2018 MacGuffin (volunteer guide)!
Well that’s that. Thanks again for joining us on this cinematic adventure come July 31 – August 5. We will all be Downtown in our matching tshirts before you know it. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reply to this email or write us at
Danke Schön,
Meg Weichman