The 13th Annual Traverse City Film Festival is fast approaching (July 25 – 30)! And there’s no better (or more rewarding) way to experience all our world-class festival has to offer than by becoming a sponsor. Look no further than the reasons below to see exactly why.

1. Get the Absolute First Crack at Tickets

As a TCFF Sponsor you’ll get priority online ticket ordering and concierge before both the general public and our Friends of the Festival, essentially ensuring that you get tickets to anything and everything you want to attend. And if you’ve ever seen how long the line is on Friends Ticketing Day (link to video), you’ll know just what an incredible benefit this is in and of itself!

2. Wear Cool Credentials That Come with Even Cooler Access!
Have you ever noticed all the people around the festival wearing lanyards and getting to enter the theater before everyone else and thought, hey, I’d like to do that. Well now you can! Sponsors receive snazzy credentials in a lovely shade of green that allow them special early entry into films and events at all indoor venues. Say goodbye to the days of awkwardly craning you neck to look up the screen or not getting that aisle seat you’re after!

 3. Attend the Festival’s Best Party!
The Founder’s Party is truly the best way to kick off your TCFF experience. On Sunday evening before the festival starts, sponsors will be treated to an exclusive showing at the State Theatre of a festival film hand-selected by Michael Moore replete with all the popcorn and pop you could want. But don’t spoil your appetite, because following the film head on down to the beautiful bayfront at Clinch Park to enjoy a catered sunset dinner and a bevy of libations. And you’ll get to hang with some special guests, foremost of which are the incredible group of cool, community-minded movers and shakers who make up our sponsor family!

4. Movie Star Treatment
When you sponsor a screening or event, for that particular screening or event we truly roll out the red carpet. You will receive free tickets (number dependent on sponsorship level) and both you and your guests will receive special reserved seating and hospitality, all leading up to seeing…

5. Your Name in Lights!
We love to recognize our sponsors and their incredible support. That’s why before the screening and/or event you’re sponsoring, you’ll receive shout outs, heartfelt thanks, and even applause when you’re recognized verbally, onscreen, and on additional signage. And your support will live forevermore in listings in our commemorative official program guides.

6. Reach Passionate Film Lovers
And you know whose eyes will be on that guide and who the captive audiences at our screenings and events will be composed of? Why only the greatest group of cultural afficionados, tastemakers, and all-around awesome people who attend our festival (one of the 25 coolest in the world according to MovieMaker Magazine).

7. For the Love of Film
Your sponsorship supports the great indigenous American artform that is the cinema. And it helps bring together 100s of filmmakers and thousand of movie lovers from all over the world for one beautiful week in July in one of the most beautiful places on Earth to celebrate the transformative power of the cinema. With so much going on in the world, supporting the enriching cultural expression the arts offers remains vital.
8. For the Love of Traverse City

Whether it’s the FREE movies at the Open Space or The Buzz that make the festival experience open to everyone or the unique chance to engage with people and films that would not otherwise make it here, our sponsor make amazing things happen for our community. And they are a driving force behind the economic engine that brings visitors and spending to Traverse City.

And with that, we hope we’ve given you more than just a few reasons to consider becoming a TCFF Sponsor. Find more information on TCFF Sponsorship here and please reach out with any questions.

See you this summer!

Deb Lake