We’re having a festival!!! Read through to find your important credentialing information.

While Traverse City Film Festival proper officially kicks off on Tuesday (that’s in six days!), we all know it’s pretty much already underway. Volunteer Managers are working hard to fill their teams (see if you can fill a crucial managerial spot here!), venues are being magically transformed into world-class movie theaters, volunteers in the box office are busy selling tickets, and the sweet sounds of teamwork are coming together to create a symphony of cinematic bliss.

But for real, you’re are already out there making it happen. And it wouldn’t happen without you. Absolutely none of it. So read on for the details to get everything squared away for your volunteering adventure.

As mentioned, we are working hard to get everything ready for SHOWTIME! So please consider checking out some newly added setup shifts at our venues as well as at our fabulous parties! They involve some physical labor, but, if you’re someone who has filled their schedule with too many movies, they are a great opportunity to get some shifts in ahead of time with the added benefit of a little muscle toning. 💪

The thing about working for the film festival is that it brings so many amazing people into your life. All my people are pretty much already film festival people, that’s why I could use an assist and ask you reach out to those in your circles who haven’t already been bitten by the film festival bug. We can use more people who would like to create something meaningful and magical for the community, meet aforementioned amazing people, and also just have a lot of fun. The kind of fun and exhilaration you only get from working events and from working events with the best people.  Plus there’s FREE stuff. I am told the FREE stuff (party, movies, tickets, tshirt) may also help.

And if any of those people you’re thinking of (yourself included) have extra time to spare, or are the type person, who, if they’re gonna do something, they are gonna go all in, step into my office…

Real talk. That world-renowned TCFF moviegoing experience that leaves both patrons and filmmakers singing our praises far and wide isn’t possible without our venue volunteer managers. And we still have some openings in several key positions including stage management, hospitality, house management, concessions, and box office. Do these positions not necessarily mean anything to you? Read on by clicking here for descriptions and opportunities. Try something new! Work a different part of your brain than the one at your day job! I’m telling you, managing at the TCFF may be hard work, but the beauty is that it never feels like work. And that’s what keeps people coming back.

Great! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear! Below are some areas that should be your first considerations.

  • Old Town Playhouse: OTP is home to many of our most exciting and unique events. From filmmaker panels and podcast tapings, to student screenings and even an acoustic set by The Accidentals, it will NEVER be boring at the OTP!
  • Central High School: This space is a dream for moviegoers and volunteers alike. From its spacious interior to its ample parking, this venue is pretty much luxurious. And the people? First class all the way.
  • The Answer Squad: People have questions, the Answer Squad has answers. Be an ambassador of all things TC and join the squad. Bonus! This is a great shift for people who need to sit while on shift.
  • Kids Fest: The retooled Kids Fest is going to be more exciting than ever before. Particular help is needed on Tuesday (Before “Return of the Jedi”) and Wednesday (Before “The Little Mermaid”). This is a great spot for our younger volunteers.
  • The Kubrick: It’s simple math. Biggest venue = biggest needs. Have a blast with the crew at Central Grade School.

If you love meeting new people, giving directions and advice about TCFF and our town, the Answer Squad is the job for you. Special training is required, but we make it convenient to attend and you will get a sneak peek inside the festival in preparation for your tour guide gig at these fun interactive training sessions:

Monday, July 29 at 5 pm: Meet at The Kubrick at Central Grade (You’ll be back in time for the 6 pm volunteer movie!)

You need them to volunteer and you can get them, along with your “Cinema Saves the World” volunteer tshirt designed by Eric Daigh (he of last year’s “camimals” fame), starting THIS FRIDAY. I’m, of course, talking about credentials, those pouchy things on a lanyard we all wear like a badge of honor (cause they are!).

On Friday, July 26, we’ll be at the State Theatre from 1 to 7 pm to get you set to volunteer and perhaps cajole you into signing up for one or two, or maybe three more shifts. And since we’re there a whole six hours, there is no need to come right at 1 pm. And we will not be handing out anything before 1 pm.

**If you’re picking up credentials for someone else, or having someone else pick up yours, please download the volunteer waiver in advance, have it filled out by the appropriate party, and bring it in to credentialing.**

If you can’t make it on Friday, credentials can also be picked up at the Festival Office located at 140 E. Front Street (2nd floor of The Arcade) from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, July 27. The festival office will not be open for credentialing pickup on Sunday. Then, beginning Monday, July 29, credentials will be available at the Festival Office during our regular business hours (8 am – 8 pm).

We hope you’ve made plans to join us Monday, July 29 at 6 pm at The Kubrick for “Picture Character,” the doc about emojis you never knew you needed, or never knew could be so fascinating! We will also do the traditional volunteer orientation pre-movie (we’ll keep it brief, just the essentials) and hand out FREE Volunteer-Only tickets to select festival movies. Don’t miss it!

Thanks again for everything. And in case I never told you, I think you’re all pretty cool cats.


Meg Weichman