1. Doors should ALWAYS be open when popping
  2. Turn on all four switches – light, warmer, kettle motor and kettle heat.  Wait for yellow light to come on – approximately 5 minutes for machine to heat up.
  3. Mix 32 ozs corn with 1 Tablespoon of Flavocal
  4. Pour mixture into kettle.  Close lid.  (Don’t open while popping.)
  5. Push oil button once only.  Make sure that oil loads.  Careful, kettle is very hot!
  6. When yellow light comes on again, listen for popcorn popping to slow down.  Popping is complete when popping slows to 1-2 seconds between popping.  Empty kettle by tipping twice.   Do not let the lid or kettle slam.  ** NOTE: Do not wait for the last bit of popping to finish.  This will create smoke.
  7. Next batch can be popped immediately
  8. When finished popping, turn off motor, then turn off heat.