We love to support the community and it’s important to the TCFF that we showcase not just of the best in film from around the world, but also the best of our extraordinary area. The natural beauty, shops, and restaurants of Traverse City draw film lovers to our area from around the country and world during the festival, and also year-round in the important shoulder seasons.


The diverse food offerings and bevy of outstanding local products are chief among our region’s attractions. That’s why this year we’ve partnered with Taste the Local Difference for the second time to make the 2019 Traverse City Film Festival a certified local food event!

We are proud to have Oryana Community Co-op as our Certified Local Food Sponsor to allow us to highlight all our region has to offer by putting a focus on using local restaurants and food providers in our green rooms, for our volunteers in volunteer oases, for patrons in venues, and for everyone at parties and events.

What does that mean?

In order for an event to be a certified local food event, 20% of the food must be sourced locally.

44% of the food at last year’s festival was locally sourced. This year, we are striving to increase that percentage. Be sure to visit our concession stands for local treats to enjoy during your film.

The Sidebar: Food on Film

Taste the Local Difference is helping us bring back The Sidebar: Food on Film again this year with screenings and talkbacks with local chefs and farmers who have also prepared a treat inspired by the film for the audience to taste!

Bailey Samp of Taste the Local Difference and Stephanie Mathewson of Oryana Community Co-op talk about the role local food plays at the festival.

Previous Years

Hear from Tricia Phelps of TCFF and Taste The Local Difference, Stephanie Mathewson of Oryana Community Co-op, and Stephanie Wiitala S2S Sugar 2 Salt about how TCFF is making the food even more representative of the tastes of Traverse City and more of a Certified Local Food event.