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MSU at TCFF Recap

Check out all the cool ways our education partner Michigan State University is involving students, faculty, alumni, and the community in the Traverse City Film Festival. From special student screenings to the programming at The Woz, MSU helps bring a variety of innovative work and new experiences (and even a special appearance by Sparty!) to the TCFF.

And the Winners Are…

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our Friends of the Film Festival drawing! Because they renewed or joined as Friends of the Film Festival before or on Sunday, July 31 the lucky people below were entered to win some fabulous prizes…and they won! And get this, you can still become a winner yourself at the 2017 festival […]

Read This! Michael Moore’s 12-Year Project: How His Film Festival Changed a City

Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood) visited the 2016 Traverse City Film Festival and sat down with our Founder, President, and Programmer Michael Moore. Read the interview and about her experience at this year’s festival below (originally published on August 4, 2016).  Michael Moore’s 12-Year Project: How His Film Festival Changed a City We sit down […]

TCFF Photo Contest!

All of the amazing photos you see across the festival and online are taken by are taken by our incredibly talented, undeniably brilliant team of photographers. And get this…they’re all VOLUNTEERS! To tip our hat at this awesome group of people (and make things a little more interesting), this year we held our first ever TCFF […]

We Made History!

Friends, The 2016 Traverse City Film Festival is now one for the history books. We did something no mainstream festival has ever done in this country — have 100% of the films in the Official US Section of the festival (fiction and documentary) be from directors who happen to be women. This was not my […]

Historic 2016 Traverse City Film Festival Wraps

First Time Ever for a Mainstream Film Festival: All Films in the US Official Selections Directed by Women Orson Welles’ Daughter Speaks at 100th Birthday of Festival-Run Theater Restored by Michael Moore Grand Prize Goes to “The Last Reel” from Cambodia In a bold move never before attempted by a mainstream, nationally-recognized film festival, Michael […]

Look Back on the Wonder of TCFF XII

The festival may be over, but it will live on in our hearts and in this video forever! Our incredible videography team led by the great Morgan Burke-Beyers edited this fantastic closing montage that makes clear just what a great time was had by all beautiful Downtown Traverse City. Check it out! Music by the official band of […]

TCFF XII Bumper Winners

Thank you to all those that submitted bumpers this year! The Traverse City Film Festival and 12-year sponsor FIM Group proudly announce the winners of the 2016 Bumper Contest. FIM GROUP BUMPER CONTEST First Place John Plough Film Festival Finder  $1,000 Second Place Brenda Smith and Tami Evans Worth the Wait  $300 Third Place Claire […]

World Premiere of “Sister Cities” and the Induction of Amy Smart into the TCFF Walk of Fame

Big things happened at the TCFF this year, one of them being the World Premiere of “Sister Cities” at Lars Hockstad Auditorium. The show was sold out, the line worked its way around the building, and anticipation and excitement hung in the air. Director Sean Hanish and leading lady Amy Smart walked the red carpet […]